Week 14-Activity Feedback

My three favorite activities are:

My all time favorite was going to the Japanese gardening and sketching. The reason this one is my favorite because although I’m not a good drawer, I loved being able to be in such a beautiful environment and be able to sketch its beauty.

My second favorite activity is the snapchat because well I like using snap chat. In none of my other classes would I ever have snapchat as an assignment. So, being able to use snap chat more often and make funny pictures was really fun. I also gain some new friends in the process.

My last favorite activity for this class was Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure because this project was promoting everybody to go out and do something out of the ordinary. For me personally it give me a good excuse to finally dye my hair. Although I was very hesitant and nervous through this art experience I was able to do something out of the ordinary and honestly I don’t regret it.

My least favorite activities are:

One of my least favorite activities was geocaching. It was really hard to find those things and when you go to find them I didn’t find anything so I just gave up and didn’t bother to do a blog about it. My experience was so horrible and frustrating that I just gave up.

My second least favorite activity was Moon Phase Alpha because I didn’t find any relevance to them and when reading others they just did whatever. I honestly didn’t find this activity interesting or useful.

Lastly, plaster casting wasn’t one of favorites mostly because I wasn’t able to go to the beach with others so I had to do this project at home. Obtaining the materials was a little challenging and afterwards I just threw the plaster away. I know that many other enjoy this activity but my experience just wasn’t the best.

Overall I found this at class to be a blast! Although, the blogs get tedious at times being able to learn and do so many new activities was really fun! I honestly learned so many new things and had my share of good experiences and some not so good ones. This class was also really easy to pass and found it quite useful because it gives you a new perspective on things. I also really enjoyed going to artist galleries because being able to go every week to see artists work is so much fun! Many of the artist are so creative and give you new ways in thinking. I really enjoyed this class and I hope the class keeps being fun and easy.



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