WK 15- Classmate Conversation- Amber Bolden


Amber Bolden is a 1st year at California State University, Long Beach and is a Film major. Amber said that Photography is more stable whereas film you can free lance and work with a company. She wants to get a master in Cinema and a Bachelors in production. Her favorite type of movies are action. Amber was born and raised in Inglewood but for her first year of college she decided to dorm at Hillside. Amber has 2 older siblings one older brother, one older sister and one younger brother. She is the first of her family to go to college. Amber picked Cal State Long Beach because of the cost and it’s not too far from home. Also because it is still near LA and the film industry is in LA. Her Favorite movie is a 1930s movie called Casa Blanca. Her favorite actors are Sandra Bullock and Tina Fey. Her biggest fear is becoming homeless because she wants to succeed in everything. Amber’s favorite color is olive green but she says it always changes. If she could be an animal she said she would be a panda. Lastly Amber is currently not involved in any extra curricular activities because she works at Victoria secret.


Wk 15- Artist Conversation- Chelsea Blecha


Artist: Chelsea Blecha

Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic

Media: Watercolor, Color Pencil, Acrylic on Wood, Sketches

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: chelseablecha.com

Instagram: instagram.com/chelseablecha

Chelsea Blecha is graduating this year from California State University, Long Beach. She will be receiving her Bachelor in Fine Arts in the Illustration program. Blecha has been drawing ever since she was about 3 years old because her mom is an artist too. Blecha mom works in doing window displays. Blecha’s mom composes and teaches people how to do window displays. Blecha said that she didn’t consider art as a career until she was in high school. However she didn’t figure out her style until her last semester of college. As this being Blecha’s last year, she said its bitter sweet since she has been going to Cal State Long Beach for 6 years now. After she graduates she plans on free lancing and hopefully in the future work doing concept art for Pixar. While talking to Blecha she said that her inspiration comes from traveling and humans.

Many of Blecha’s artwork are sketches and drawings. One of her most time consuming piece was the skateboard. This piece took about the whole semester and she would work on it on-and-off. However for her other pieces it takes her about a week or so. She usually sketches them out first which she can finish in one sitting. For the skateboard she used watercolors and acrylic. The other pieces are sketches but although they are just sketches you can really tell how Blecha pays close attention to detail. For some of the sketches she used color pencils but they all have some type of shading. For the drawings of human hands she really payed attention to detail and made them look so realistic.

Chelsea Blecha said that much of her inspiration comes from traveling to new places and the people around her. It wasn’t until this year that Blecha said she found her own style which is why she has variety in her exhibit. However most of her work focuses on emotion not just aesthetic. For example the hand drawing demonstrate emotion through the wrinkles and details. She truly enjoys sketching as one time when she traveled to San Francisco she did many sketches that were included in her exhibit. Blecha also mentioned that some of her inspiration came from her favorite movie Breakfast Club. Furthermore, as a young and aspiring artist she is still developing her own unique style.

As this being the last artist conversation of the semester, I am glad she was the last artist I was given the pleasure of learning about. Being still so young Blecha has managed to slowly but surely find her own style. Although she is still young, one thing I admire about her is that she keeps trying new things such as meeting new people and places. I really enjoyed knowing that her drawings try to express emotion not just aesthetics. Blecha has high dreams which I’m sure she will accomplish and hopefully one day I will be able to see her work in Pixar. Overall I really enjoy how she is able to do what she loves and has a blast doing it.

Week 14-Activity Feedback

My three favorite activities are:

My all time favorite was going to the Japanese gardening and sketching. The reason this one is my favorite because although I’m not a good drawer, I loved being able to be in such a beautiful environment and be able to sketch its beauty.

My second favorite activity is the snapchat because well I like using snap chat. In none of my other classes would I ever have snapchat as an assignment. So, being able to use snap chat more often and make funny pictures was really fun. I also gain some new friends in the process.

My last favorite activity for this class was Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure because this project was promoting everybody to go out and do something out of the ordinary. For me personally it give me a good excuse to finally dye my hair. Although I was very hesitant and nervous through this art experience I was able to do something out of the ordinary and honestly I don’t regret it.

My least favorite activities are:

One of my least favorite activities was geocaching. It was really hard to find those things and when you go to find them I didn’t find anything so I just gave up and didn’t bother to do a blog about it. My experience was so horrible and frustrating that I just gave up.

My second least favorite activity was Moon Phase Alpha because I didn’t find any relevance to them and when reading others they just did whatever. I honestly didn’t find this activity interesting or useful.

Lastly, plaster casting wasn’t one of favorites mostly because I wasn’t able to go to the beach with others so I had to do this project at home. Obtaining the materials was a little challenging and afterwards I just threw the plaster away. I know that many other enjoy this activity but my experience just wasn’t the best.

Overall I found this at class to be a blast! Although, the blogs get tedious at times being able to learn and do so many new activities was really fun! I honestly learned so many new things and had my share of good experiences and some not so good ones. This class was also really easy to pass and found it quite useful because it gives you a new perspective on things. I also really enjoyed going to artist galleries because being able to go every week to see artists work is so much fun! Many of the artist are so creative and give you new ways in thinking. I really enjoyed this class and I hope the class keeps being fun and easy.


WK 14- Art Experience-Sketching in the Garden

This weeks art experience was actually one of favorites. Although I am horrible at drawing going to the Japanese Garden and sketching its beauty was just so relaxing and peaceful. I’ve been to the Japanese Garden a couple of times but it was just a beautiful day to sit outside and draw and I honestly didn’t want to leave. I was also happy we were able to draw in such a great environment.