Wk 11- Turning Pages

This weeks art experience was like no other. I feel that yes an image can capture experience and you can use words to describe what the images show. However, in some instances you don’t need to write any words because after all a picture is worth thousand words. Also, when there is no words to describe the experience captured then it gives the viewer more liberty for interpretation. I feel that’s even better because we don’t all see things the same way. A Picture is able to capture a moment in time and if we take many we will be able to look back on them. Besides taking a picture of a moment or writing about it we can also say it verbally. Hearing a story are always very exciting especially how that person tells the story. Even within every picture there is a story being told. We have stories we just have to either listen, read, or hear them. I feel that when documenting it doesn’t take you out of the moment because through a picture you are able to relive the moment every time you see it. Due to the technological era we live in we always try to document what we do so we never forget it. Thus, its part of the experience and not taking us  out of it. It didn’t feel weird to not take pictures in the library because we had to be considerate of the other people and by not taking pictures I was able to pay attention to what I was doing more. In contrast when I was at the bookstore my friends and I were goofing off and playing around and so we were more inclined to photograph what were doing. Making it feel more natural when we were taking the pictures. Doing this experience was actually very interesting because it is true what Martha was telling us. Generally a library is suppose to be filled with books but when you go to the university library the books aren’t what all the students look for or got to the library for. At least i don’t find myself going to the library for. Same goes for the bookstore, usually its to sell books but our bookstore focus more on selling CSULB items in order to make profit. Overall, this was a great experience as I was able to see and think of how humans have evolved places to fit to what seems “normal”.


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