WK13-Artist Conversation-Nick Bamford


Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Neon Lights, black Light, wood, Cement, clay, and sculptures

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: @nickbamf4d

Nick Bamford is an undergraduate her at California State University, Long Beach. This is his last semester her at CSULB. Bamford is currently in the Ceramics Program and getting his Bachelor in Fine Arts. He is planning to go to grad school but is taking a year off to continue his work. He is from Huntington Beach and he said that he always liked art. It wasn’t until he took a ceramics class in high school that he realized he really liked doing ceramics as he saw it as a way to create things. Some of his hobbies include painting and playing guitar. Through Bamford’s art he said he likes it to be more open for interpretation. As he like to turn ordinary, everyday objects into art. By fitting different objects together and giving it a different perspective than what everybody usually sees.

In Nick Bamfords’s art he likes to use a lot of different medias. One re-occurring meida he used was neon color lightning. These light really make the pieces stand out more and the more intrigued I was to see the art pieces. The art piece comes in many different shapes as Bamford would place the objects on top of each other in awkwardly positions. Making the entire shape of the piece into an odd, multi-angled object and since things were stacked of each other the pieces were fairly tall. Since most of his sculptures are comprised of random objects, there was a wood, a shopping cart, and glass.

When first walking into this exhibit I was intrigued and fascinated as the lights and size of the art pieces caught my attention. When talking to the artist I understood why the art pieces were like that. Bamford wanted to take ordinary objects and turn them into something extraordinary. As he said he likes to do things in spur of the moment. He has no specific message h is trying to convey but as I mentioned earlier he likes his art to be open for interpretation. Hence, why he didn’t name his exhibition but at the same time be able to alter the audiences perspective on how ordinary objects can be morphed together to create something brand new and original. Yet, he also included the black lights to bring a whole other perspective and dimension to his work.

I really enjoyed this artist’s art work. It is something I’ve never seen before. As soon as I walked in I blown away and memorized. The black lights is the first thing that caught my eye and made me very curious in Bamford’s pieces. Not only the lights but the height as well! I really enjoyed how Bamford was able to take every day ordinary objects and transform them into brand new works of art. I also really liked how this artist said that he wanted to viewer to interpret and have their own perspective on his artwork. Some artist usually have a specific meaning and want you to see it but not this artist. Bamford wanted you to see his artwork in your own perspective and allow it to be open to interpretation.


Wk 13-Classmate Conversation-Tiffany Tran


Tiffany Tran is a Freshman here at California State University, Long Beach. She is 18 years old and is turning 19 this year. She is Psychology major and wants to be a child psychologist. Tiffany currently dorm at CSULB and is from West Minister. Back home she has a dog. Tiffany’s favorite type of music is classical music. Her favorite food is sushi and her favorite drink is  lemonade. Some of her Hobbies include watching movies, reading and hanging out with friends. Tiffany enjoys watching romantic comedies. She has no siblings and her ethnicity is Vietnamese. She is currently involved in the club VSA. Tiffany’s favorite project for this class was the video project and took this class because it’s interesting.

Wk 12- Artist Conversation-Jennifer Chen


Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Printmaking/Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: none
Instagram: none

Jennifer Chen is a graduate student here at California State University, Long Beach. Chen is going to graduate this year as this semester is her last year but she plans to teach an art class here at CSULB. Chen is currently pursing a Master in Fine Arts in Print Making program. During Chen’s undergrad she was a biology major but then decided to get a master in arts. Chen decided that she had different interests and tried to do things that help her grow in different ways. Her plans after she graduates is to teach as I mentioned before she plans to teach an art class specifically Art 270. Through her art work you are able to see how she incorporates art with science.

Her artwork consists of printmaking and photography. In some of her artworks she pays around with photography and also uses Google maps. Through her art pieces you can see into the environment such as trees and bark from a microscopic and macroscopic perspective. Chen used digital print on Epsom and does masking to print make. She also uses a monotone style. She said that she also uses gloss to give it a 3D effect and make it stand out. Lastly, she uses a photo shop and tops it off with painting. The process that Chen takes is very difficult and long. For some larger pieces it take about week and that doesn’t include the separation of the art work because she is not able to print the whole art piece she has to separate it into pieces and then she pieces it together.

Jennifer Chen through her art was trying to have a mixture of art and science. Since these are both what interests her she decided to have them both. Through some of her pieces she took microscopic and macroscopic picture in order to demonstrate the qualities of trees and nature that we can’t see. As her gallery was called Succession, the idea she tried to explore and demonstrate is the disturbance in landscape such as fire and floods that over a time period change and become shrubs or trees. The Urban landscape is the disturbance as it wasn’t there before. Chen also tries to look at different sights whether historic or monumental.

I really enjoyed this art gallery because the artist was able to combine her to most interest and transformed into art. Jennifer was able to give me a whole new perspective on the environment. As well as provide pictures of the trees bark and nature that I’ve never seen to look at. I like how her art explores the disturbances of nature. In today’s society we do not necessary look to much in as to why is that plant growing here or whether it cause harm to other surrounding plants. Some of the nature has been growing there for year but through time new species of plants are introduced and can e either beneficial or helpful.

Wk 12-Classmate conversation- Molly Poyer


Molly Poyer is 20 years old and is turning 21 this year in august. She is currently a 3rd year here at California State University Long Beach. She is currently undeclared but is going to go into Communication. She is from the Long Beach/Lakewood area. During her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies, watching youtube, and playing basketball. Molly’s favorite sport is basketball. Her favorite genre for movies is romantic comedy and just comedies in general. She said that her favorite comedian is Amy Schumer. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite drink is strawberry lemonade. Molly’s favorite type of genre music is mostly pop. Her favorite artist is Penatonics. An interesting fact about Molly is that she has a twin! An identical twin who also goes to Cal State Long Beach.

Wk 11- Turning Pages

This weeks art experience was like no other. I feel that yes an image can capture experience and you can use words to describe what the images show. However, in some instances you don’t need to write any words because after all a picture is worth thousand words. Also, when there is no words to describe the experience captured then it gives the viewer more liberty for interpretation. I feel that’s even better because we don’t all see things the same way. A Picture is able to capture a moment in time and if we take many we will be able to look back on them. Besides taking a picture of a moment or writing about it we can also say it verbally. Hearing a story are always very exciting especially how that person tells the story. Even within every picture there is a story being told. We have stories we just have to either listen, read, or hear them. I feel that when documenting it doesn’t take you out of the moment because through a picture you are able to relive the moment every time you see it. Due to the technological era we live in we always try to document what we do so we never forget it. Thus, its part of the experience and not taking us  out of it. It didn’t feel weird to not take pictures in the library because we had to be considerate of the other people and by not taking pictures I was able to pay attention to what I was doing more. In contrast when I was at the bookstore my friends and I were goofing off and playing around and so we were more inclined to photograph what were doing. Making it feel more natural when we were taking the pictures. Doing this experience was actually very interesting because it is true what Martha was telling us. Generally a library is suppose to be filled with books but when you go to the university library the books aren’t what all the students look for or got to the library for. At least i don’t find myself going to the library for. Same goes for the bookstore, usually its to sell books but our bookstore focus more on selling CSULB items in order to make profit. Overall, this was a great experience as I was able to see and think of how humans have evolved places to fit to what seems “normal”.