Styler Crook


I Stlyer Crook am a secret spy which is my I identity must be kept a secret. I live a double life as I am a substitute teacher on my spare time but the majority of time I am killing criminals. When I was younger I was part of a case study and from that experiment I gained powers. Such as the ability to become invisible, incredible strength,and the ability to read and control minds. It was due to these abilities that I decided to become a spy. She wanted her life to have some meaning and instead of doing evil she decided to but her powers to good use. Through my many travels I have made good friends and some foes. One of the friends I made was a young pilot named Riley Smith . Another one of my friends is Orphelia , she has such a great dream and is finally going to be able to pursue it. Lastly I encountered a foe named Princess Consuela Banana Hammock  don’t let the whole princess thing confuse you because she can be a handful. That’s it for now, I have to run.


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