Wk8-Artist Conversation-Brianna Joy

Artist: Brianna Joy (Bri Joy)

Exhibition: Merge

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East

Website: N/A

Instagram: @bri.joy

Brianna joy is currently an undergraduate here at California State University, Long Beach working to get her BFA. Joy is the School of Art’s Printmaking program and is expected to graduate this year. Joy originally went to Orange Coast college but transferred to CSULB in order to get her degree. She grew up in a very small town but  when she moved to a big city it was a huge culture shock. This transition has greatly impacted her artwork. Besides art some of her hobbies include yoga, surfing, hiking, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Joy’s artwork explores her transition from a small town to a big city.

All of Joy’s artwork is print making. In her art showcased at the gallery she used only two colors, black and white. Shes uses BFA paper that is actually pretty expensive for her artwork. Since her artwork is on a larger scale she has to print her artwork in pieces and then piece them back together. Joy uses organics art and the lines consists of twists and turns or are straight and jagged. Although her work seems simple it actually complex because one simple mistake and she has to start all over.

Joy’s art exhibit is called Merge because her art tries to incorporate her transition from a small town to a big city. Demonstrating both her past and present. She is able to showcase this by using contrasting colors of black and white to show the two different environments she lived in . Brianna Joy isn’t like most of the artist because she  wants to be genuine in her artwork and prefers to be in the presence of her peers. Her transition from a small city to a big city is what has “merged” her into the person she is today. Neither one defines her but both have had a great impact in her art and life.

I really enjoyed what Brianna Joy was trying to demonstrate in her art. Even though her artwork may seem simple its actually more complex when you really think about. I have always lived in big cities so I’ve never experienced what she’s trying to demonstrate but  I can see it through her art. I also really like how she came to do her artwork by a glitch in her computer. Usually some artist would start over but she was able to take a malfunction and turn it into beautiful artwork.


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