Wk5- Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen


Artist: Kristi Jensen
Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity 
Media:  Metals and Jewelry
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East and West
Website: She does not have a website
Instagram: whipperton

The artist that I meet for this exhibition is Kristi Jensen. Kristi Jensen is pursing a Bachelor in Fine Arts at California State University, Long Beach. She is in the metal and heels program and is going to graduate next semester. Jensen first started as a sculpture major but soon realized it wasn’t for her when she discovered metals. She has been working with metals for about 2 years now. Jensen hopes to be able to make a living from what she is passionate about which is metals. Jensen also likes to knit, setting things on fire when doing metals, fiber art, reading, and enjoys the show the Walking Dead. She said her artwork didn’t have a specific message she wanted to convey but rather driven by the process making.

For Kristi Jensen’s artwork she had a silver ring, a glass necklace that was greenish, blueish, and had some brown to it as well, and lastly an interesting piece of metal that as she described “an onion like metal”. Some of the tools she used were saw, sandpaper, and hammers. She used copper which she said was cheaper and silver but silver is more expensive. All the artworks had different forms but you can tell how precise each form was and really demonstrated how much work she put in the process making. Jensen said that her art takes about 3 weeks to complete because she has to first sketch it and then make it. She really enjoys the process because she is able to light things on fire. Jensen said that her favorite was the necklace because she enjoys the technique. The texture of her artworks is very smooth and the necklace was the most colorful.

Although Jensen said that her work conveys no specific message but rather enjoys the process. Her inspiration was her grandfather. When she was 5 years old she would always enjoy watching her grandfather fix and take apart TV’s and she found the process of fixing things intriguing. She enjoyed messing around with things and in the end create something extraordinary. Jensen also said that she was very bad at naming her art as most of her piece are called “untitled”. Yet, she hopes to be able to name her artwork in the future.

I really enjoyed this art gallery because its another type of art form that I didn’t know about. I enjoy drawing in my spare time but using metals is something I never I thought about using. It astonishes me how people are able to create beautiful works from metals. Although this specific artist wasn’t expressing a specific meaning through her art she enjoyed creating new things which I believed is really amazing. She has some really great artwork and I can tell the process making is the best part. My favorite piece was the necklace because the way the colors coordinate with each other was beautiful and I really like necklaces.



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