Wall Writers

This week’s art experience was graffiti. I believe that everybody knows about it and has seen it one way or the other. I remember that I would always here in the news how graffiti is an ongoing issue and till this day it still is. Many people say it’s a problem and it makes our cities look ugly. I myself was one of those people I thought graffiti made things look ugly and a symbol that this was the “ghetto”. But from this week’s art experience I learned that graffiti can be used for many things. Such as a way to express yourself, propaganda, signify territory, etc. From this film clip I was able to see the history of graffiti and learn what it meant to those who started the whole graffiti phenomenon. I learned how graffiti started from some guys simply writing their names on walls. To one guy “Taki 183” who started writing his name everywhere. Graffiti became more known to people because of Taki and then more people started doing what he did. Soon after graffiti was everywhere it had many different artist signature names. Later on graffiti was a way to signify gang territory. At this point graffiti was thought to be connected with violence and gangs. Then one day a man decided to get all the best and well known graffiti artist to come to his studio and create art. From there graffiti was sold and was now thought as an art form. Lastly, many artist started adding color and designs to their names so there names would be more noticeable. This film also included many historical records and took a really long time to make. Around 5 intense years of researching, collecting information, and conducting interviews. I really enjoyed this film because I was able to get a different perspective on graffiti and learn new interesting facts about it as well.  Wall_Writers-documentary


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